Old Songs Part 2: The First half of Saturday
I started off Saturday working a shift in the booth at the Main Gate
It all went pretty well, except that I charged someone 25 cents instead of 25 dollars on their credit card. But I made it up with another charge of $24.75. I'm sure the office at Old Songs just LOVED that. Sorry!!! After I was done, I hightailed it over to the Dutch Barn to hear Bing's concert.
It was great, as per usual but I had to shush the people behind me who were talking through Sweet River which is like my FAVORITE and although it's on Bing's album : Sweet River it's so so so much better live. After that concert, I wandered around a bit and stumbled upon some singing.. yay! It was so beautiful!! I got to sing a long for a bit before I wandered off. I think I stayed for two or three songs. So amazing to hear those voices of strangers coming together in harmony. Then I had lunch.
The guy who served this to me had a bracelet that said "Jesus is the Answer". I don't know about Jesus, but I know I was transported by this oxtail. I went and entered a raffle to win this pretty little thing.
(I didn't win. It's ok because I was explicitly asked to NOT bring home any more instruments) and then I bought these rhythm bones which I'm claiming are NOT an instrument.
Then I stumbled upon this Jam Session
And then I went to sit down for a bit and just enjoy the vibe. When someone handed me this.
Unfortunately, I couldn't go play because I was working from 4PM to 8PM but holy cats it's so great to be around people who want to celebrate these things! Then I found Stu Fuchs rockin some uke..
(are you tired of my blow by blow yet? TOO BAD) I wanted to find some time to get some dancing in even though I was wearing the most inappropriate shoes ever.
So I headed to the dance building and sat down to wait for the band to start... and I waited.. and waited.. and they played the "check check .. one two one two" song like.. FIVE times.. and I got bored. So I left and got some ice cream. With a fist full of Cherry Garcia, I headed over to where I knew there was a Native American Flute workshop with Bing Futch, Stu Fuchs and Joseph Bruchac... What happened next was... amazing, inspiring... transcendental and transformational... and I had planned on skipping that workshop.... and I'm going to have to tell you in an other post because this one is already WAY too long.

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