Old Songs Part 2.5 – The second half of Saturday

Well, hell.. it’s been months.

I’ve not posted about the second half of Saturday at Old Songs all of this time because I think I’ve been internalizing how amazing it was.

Guys it was magical. It’s rare that I’m in a place that I feel totally comfortable.. like totally. And I had an opportunity to be around people are just…well HAPPY.

So.. to continue where I left off

I had just grabbed some ice cream and headed off to the workshop where Bing Futch, Stu Fuchs and Joseph Bruchac were doing a Native American flute thing.

I had not met Stu before that day. I had heard of him but I had no idea what cool dude he is. He’s just… ZEN.

I sit down on a bench with my ice cream cone in hand, and Stu starts talking about starting with a meditation … and then he started using words like “mantra” and “mudra” and I’m like.. um… I need to get rid of this ice cream… I have a feeling something kind of awesome is about to happen and I’m going to need my hands for that mudra.

I got myself up, snuck out the door, pitched my Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia (which is my total favorite and I don’t get it very often) and I hustled back into that room. I so completely enjoyed the meditation that Stu lead the group in. That guy has the energy of a peaceful spring fed lake.. so serene and calm on top, but giggling and bubbly underneath. He’s a delight for sure.

After the meditation, there was storytelling from the Native American Traditions, there was some flute playing and dulcimer playing and an all around good time but what I can’t get over was the energy between these three guys. They didn’t practice anything, they didn’t play together before and they actually didn’t even know each other before that day.

Then Stu pulled out a didgeridoo. Not a traditional didgeridoo.. one with a slide on it like a trombone. When he started playing that and Bing started with the dulcimer and Joe got some hand rhythm percussion going, I was transfixed. It was … astonishing.

I managed to get my hands to my camera and capture just a moment or two on my phone. I didn’t have a great seat for viewing but holy crap.. (also, I’m secretly jealous of Stu’s hair)

I don’t share this with many people, but my experience at Old Songs, reminded me about my goal to be more myself. To bring myself back to myself, so I’m going to share this with you all. I see auras and energy because of work I’ve done before now. Work that I’ve let fall by the wayside… there’s more too, but I’ll just hit you with a bit at a time. The energy that was flowing between the three of these guys… it was insane. I hadn’t seen or felt anything like it in years.

I mean just look at these guys. Don't they look like old friends?
I mean just look at these guys. Don’t they look like old friends?

I went back to wandering around and saw the things and did the things and had fun fun fun..

And then out of nowhere, Bing shows up and asks me if I want to intro a song for Rhythm Roots on Ditty TV. HOLY CRAP! after the fear of Oxtail in my teeth was dispelled, Bing filmed us and I was pretty dorky in a fun way. (I eventually filmed it from my living room while watching it on my TV but the sound quality isn’t great.. so turn your speakers way up and WITNESS MY DORKINESS! (SO FUN!)

And then..

It rained.

It rained a lot.

I got to find out just how not waterproof my raincoat no longer is.

I got wet.

Really wet.

The evening concert was moved inside but I stayed outside instead of heading into the barn to listen to the concert because at that point, it was too late. I was drenched.

And I totally didn’t care…. why?

Because this guy found me and we hung out and chatted and listened to the music.

Hanging out in the rain with Bing Futch
Hanging out in the rain with Bing Futch

And then I went home.. higher than a kite on all of the good vibes.