Old Songs Part 3- The Last Day
Sunday was bitter sweet. It was the end.. but it was still great. I had my last shifts to work in the morning. You know, I enjoyed them but I sort of felt like I missed out some things while I was working but at the same time, I got to see things I wouldn't have normally. For example, while we were working the gate, the Rustic Riders (aka the Rusty Criders. It's fun with fonics!) came over and sang and played for us. That was really really nice. Sort of like our own little concert. I also got to have some fascinating socio-political discussion with the guy I worked the ticket sales with. So fun. Sunday is a shorter day but there was the Disney Sing Along with Bing which was fun and I got to learn how many Disney songs I **don't know**. I really spent a lot of time just wandering and stopping and listening to this and that. And I stayed for a good amount of the afternoon concert. I heard this really great band, whose name I have since forgotten... Thank goodness for Twitter. So yeah.. the Andrew and Noah Band So great right!? They had a fantastic set but I didn't get to record a lot of it. I was in a high traffic area and I stopped here and there so people could walk through. And here is an actual 10 minutes of Bing Futch. I found a seat with less traffic. So what have I learned in my three months of ruminating on this? It was awe inspiring to be around such kind people. To be surrounded my music and laughter and light was so beautiful an experience. It reminded me of all of the things I've let fall by the wayside, all of the energy work I used to do, all of the joy I got out of finding wonder in the things around me. And it reminded me that I can be granola crunchy in my own way that doesn't fit into any particular mold. I can be myself around people I don't know so why not do it around people that I do know?! I also feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have had a chance to talk with such great people. The fact that people I admire and respect sought me out to talk with me is a reminder that I'm more than that "kid no one likes and everyone picks on" that I should have let go 20 years ago. It's a reminder that I have value. I know that's pretty heavy, man.. but that's what happened. It's not every day that a music festival makes such a huge impact on me, but for some reason, this one did.

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