Recipe Review: Skillet Beef Stroganoff
Skillet Beef Stroganoff from America's Test Kitchen
Skillet Beef Stroganoff from America's Test Kitchen
I've made this a few times... and I really like it. What I *don't* like is America's Test Kitchen promises you "this recipe and more on our website" and then when you get there, they aren't free and if you want a free 14 day trial, you end up subscribed to so many newsletters from them and their partners that your inbox explodes.  (Which is why, if you were to say, zoom in on that photo, you would have a good glimpse of the recipe.. but buy the book. Really. It's good) Sidebar: I'm pretty interested to see what Milk Street Kitchen is all about since Christopher Kimball left ATK and launched MSK as his new baby.   Will he survive in Boston?  What about all the Vermont love?  But I digress. The next time I make this, I would add more pasta. This has ended up soupy every time I've made it.  I also don't generally keep brandy on hand, so I subbed 2 Tablespoons of red wine vinegar for the brandy Also, I used 3 cups of water and dropped in a tablespoon each of chicken and beef "Better than Bouillon" because it is.. better, I mean. Not as good as real stock  which is what the recipe called for (one and a half cups of each) but it's what I had. Lastly, I didn't flatten the sirloin tips.  I just cut them thin against the grain.   This recipe is actually quite excellent and easy.  We had it done in 40 minutes.  It's going into the regular rotation  

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  1. If you substituted ingredients it’s really not fair to say you really like AMT’s recipe because it’s now your altered recipe.

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