What I did on my summer vacation…

Hi!  Me again.

I did this thing… this life changing thing.

I spent a week at Omega Institute for a workshop entitled Ukulele Zen.

Go ahead.. chuckle..   I’ll wait.

But it was amazing.. it was music and laughter and joy and meditation and zen and peace out man wow…

I made so many friends, I sang so many songs….

And we did this flashmob thing

and we had a concert.. and I did OPEN MIC and screwed up so bad and totally did not care and we all laughed together.

Do you know the joy of laughing with someone over your mistakes instead of having people laugh AT you?

It’s bliss.

And on our last day we all cried like babies…

and played songs

and more songs..and maybe I danced around a little bit

I wish I could tell you more about what an amazingly beautiful experience this was… but I can’t.. because I don’t have the words.