Lady Buttons Heads Abroad
We have some lovely friends who live in the UK.  They came to visit recently on their Honeymoon and brought Cliff along with them. Who is Cliff? Well, Cliff is a toy stuffed Eagle and he blogs.   (I will happily share Cliff's blog once they are aware of what is headed their way... but I want to keep it a surprise and I don't need to tip them off with a trackback) After spending a weekend with our friends ... and Cliff, I realized that we needed to send a representative from New York State to London. Did you know that the Official Animal of NYS is the Beaver? Me either. I headed to Ravelry to find a pattern for a Beaver... and I found a few, but this is the one I chose. It didn't take me long to make the pieces but I kept putting off sewing her together. I finally just sucked it up and did it.  I dug through my Great Grandmother's Button Box and found these.
Three Buttons and a potential "Pin"
and her head quickly came together.
After I made her face, It seemed wrong to leave her unfinished
Friends.. meet Lady Buttons.
Isn't she adorable?
I left Lady Buttons to her own devices too long, it appears. She got tired of waiting for me to make her scarf.
Seriously, I turned around and there she was.. making her own scarf. Quite talented, I'd say.
But evidently a hat was also necessary.. Once again, Lady Buttons took matters into her own hands. And here she is, all dressed up for her jaunt abroad. Now I just need to get her airline ticket.
Dressed for travel.

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