Standing in the Middle

The internet is a hotbed right now.

Everyone is angry.  I was angry last week.  The week before I was in denial.. and before that.. grieving for what I thought America was

Now I know what America is.


We are hurting. All of us.  Honestly, we’ve not been One Nation, Indivisible for a long time.  I was just talking to LB about this earlier today.  We both love Big O.  But looking back, it didn’t seem like there was a lot of bipartisanship in his Presidency.  Not blaming him, for sure.  I’m not blaming anyone.

I just trying to wrap my head around what is going on.   I’ve said it before. I’m not a fan of … 45 (that’s as close as I can get right now) and I certainly don’t agree with his policies.   I’d actually be quite surprised if he had any that someone didn’t hand to him.  He is a narcissist and does whatever will get him cheers.  He’s also, in my opinion, being manipulated by people who want to retaliate and rejoice in their new found “freedom” to push through some crazy legislation.

I’m pretty tired of “US VS THEM”.  I’m not so thrilled to hear people still talking about sides.  Our side, their side, stay on your side, get on my side, don’t go to their side, that’s the dark side, angry rant blah blah we are right you are wrong.

This solves nothing.

I’ve been listening to a YouTube series by a dude calling himself Frater Xavier.   Pretty interesting stuff if you are into Astrology, Ceremonial Magick, Hermetic principles and the Kabbalah.  I’m sort of on the outskirts of this but one of the things that Frater says a lot is that to be “de-polarized” is to be in a place of power and understanding. (Video Link here if you are interested – Star Wars references are included)

Frater also goes on to talk about reactionary behavior and honestly, it’s brought a lot of perspective to my social media use.

I’m done shouting into the crowd.  I’m done responding to inflammatory posts and articles that are designed to send me off center. To get me angry, or enraged, or furious.

That’s no way to live, man.

When you are on either extreme, you can’t see what other people are thinking and feeling.  Maybe I’m naive, but I firmly believe that people are motivated by two things, love and fear.  Although they are polar opposites, they carry the same energy and the same force.   I’m choosing to stand in the middle.  To stand and watch what is unimportant float by, to ignore the angry fearful words that seek to incite my rage, the information that is twisted or skewed to get to me REACT.

I’m choosing to observe, pause and respond with intention from a state of being centered and grounded.  That way no “side” wins because there are no actual sides at all.