Sometimes I’m really dumb about plants
Recently, LB and I were in Lowes looking for a houseplant and stumbled upon this really cool looking cactus.  It was purple and at first, I was like "is this fake"? and then I thought about the cactus I had at home with a purple flower on top and I thought, well... maybe they hybridized it until it was all purple! So we brought it home and potted it.  
The Kosmic Kactus
I thought it was cool.. and then I looked at the side of the original pot and it said something along the lines of "this cactus was sprayed with a non-toxic color coating". What? I looked closer. OMG they sprayed this poor thing with paint. I was mortified for two reasons. One... this poor, poor plant.... and two... that I had put money in the hands of a company that did this to plants. Ugh. And then I thought about my cactus with the purple flower on the top. You guys. It was glued on. HOT GLUED ON.
Hot glued on!
These are everlasting dried flowers glued on. For fucks sake. So I cut them off.
Free at Last!
This cactus is doing much better now. And so is the purple cactus... because I've been misting it with water and taking an orange stick (those are those wooden sticks they sell to push your cuticles back) and gentle removing the paint. Can you believe this shit? Aesthetics over the health of the plant. But isn't that kind of the way our culture looks at everything? As long as it looks good, who cares how healthy it is? Sheesh.. now I'm into a rant and I don't feel like ranting today. Anyway, I still feel a little stupid about buying that plant. But I'm glad I did because it's turning into a lovely creature.

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