I am unfamiliar with this method of cake making

When I make a cake, I usually do the “cream butter and sugar, add eggs, add dry ingredients and bake”

I am unfamiliar with this “dump everything in and beat the hell out of it” method. I honestly am befuddled.  What if I over mix it? What if the butter doesn’t integrate? (which is what happened, actually)

We are headed to London next week (what? I know!) and since I’m obsessed with the Great British Bake Off  …

(sidenote: Paul Hollywood is officially on my short list of men who I would not kick out of bed for eating cookies … especially if he baked them.  It’s a very short list so Paul really should be honored- and he should send me cookies.. wait… where was I?  right. GBBO)

…I thought I should bake a proper English treat before we head across the pond.

Victoria Sandwich. That’s the ticket.

I really am not a fan of buttercream (and also it really needs to sit overnight for it to be smooth) so I went with Mary Berry’s Perfect Victoria Sandwich, which has whipped cream instead of buttercream.

Can we talk about Mary Berry for a minute?  I adore her. She’s sassy and yet super polite and I’m going to start a cookie eating game. Every time she say “layers” you get to shove a palmier in your face.   “Soggy Bottom” wins you a big glass of cold milk to slam back.  WHOLE MILK, because we live large in this house.


The recipe says to break 4 eggs into a bowl and then dump everything else in.  Which I did.  But it killed me to do it.  I also think the butter should have been… well I should have broken it up a bit because I ended up with pockets of butter in the batter… but I was so worried that I would over work it.  Because, cake.

It looks pretty good. The edges are a little greasy and the middle sunk a bit and I had to make my own self rising (raising?) flour which is totally not a big deal but that method… I’m just befuddled.  I really think that next time, I’m going to go back to the method I know in cake making. I just… I feel like this isn’t quite right.

The Finished Victoria Sandwich
The Finished Victoria Sandwich

It was really tasty but I think I over-baked it. It wasn’t rising like I had expected and the middle really did sink in a bit. I was worried that it was raw in the middle. Because it was dense, it didn’t spring back like I had expected. I just fulled that with jam (yassss more jam)


I am probably going to do very little sharing of London on my social media so look for a photo dump after we get back. I’m going to make it a goal to try a real Victoria Sandwich!