Cinnamon Apple Twist Bread
Did you know that King Arthur Flour does a Bake Along every month?
Me either! I stumbled upon it on Instagram and I was like well, I know I have to fit back into my shorts for December (headed to Florida for week) but dammit.. I wanted to make this Cinnamon Apple Twist Bread. You can find the recipe here at this link. But of course, I didn't make it that way because I didn't have two of the ingredients in the house (instant yeast and potato flour) but that didn't stop me.   I used the active dry yeast in the same amount as the instant yeast, knowing that it might need a little more time to rise as the yeast hydrated and I used all white flour instead of using part potato flour. The potato flour would have added a bit more tenderness. But we still enjoyed it a lot! Also, next time I would chop the apples instead of grating them in my food processor. They looked like.. well.. squiggly worms and it freaked me out a bit.  Also, I think because I used Penzey's Double Vanilla, the amount of vanilla in the icing was excessive. I ended up remaking it with just a tiny bit of vanilla. I was really please with how the loaves came out so I posted my pictures to Twitter and was pretty stoked to get this response from King Arthur Flour I am excited to see what October's bake along is, even though the struggle to button my pants is real.

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