Fully entrenched in the Googles
Hi Friends! Been a while, eh?  Here is a fun fact. I hated writing this blog.... but not because I didn't have things to say... I did.. but I couldn't say them...kind of. My laptop was the problem. I bought it new in 2015 and it was slow then.. and since 2015, there have been lots of Windows updates .. and they made it even slower... so slow that what I've typed so far, would have taken me 10 minutes to type and I wish I was exaggerating.. (Ok.. we should allot some time for typos) In January, I decided to cancel my cell phone contract with Sprint, after 12 years.. and get on board with GoogleFi and I decided to upgrade my phone to a  Pixel...   My basic phone bill is now $25.52... that's with unlimited calls and texts...  and then I pay just my data usage at $10.00 a gig.  My last bill was literally $35.00... my cell phone bill...  amazing. Also, the Pixel 3 phone is fantastic. I love it  so hard.. so with all the money I saved with my phone bill (har har) I bought a Pixelbook..  This is the first Chromebook I've ever owned and holy cats is it lightening fast... Most everything I do is on Google anyway.. I don't have the Microsoft Office Suite because I use Google Docs.  I don't really have any reason to have a Windows machine. User reviews of the Pixelbook say that it's too much money for what it does... but I'm super happy with it (ok, I've had it for 2 hours .. .given what a horrible beast I was using, probably anything that worked would have made me happy).. I love that I can put  Android apps on it and that it has a touch screen and 360 degree hinges... Anyway, my point... I'm basically Google's bitch now and I'm hoping that means I'll be wanting to write more things here since it's actually enjoyable instead of a struggle.  

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