Macarons are my new obsession
Hi there!  Yeah, I disappeared again.. I guess I didn't have much to talk about... I mean Twitter and Facebook and Instagram have all but killed my blogging buzz...  I'm on there much more than I should be but eh.. whatever. A few months ago, I decided to finally take a class from Albany Cooking School [Facebook Link]. They offer a lot of classes (and are currently relocating ... but also shooting ONLINE classes so that's pretty awesome) and I settled on the Macaron making class with Melanie from O'Malley's Oven.  I was not disappointed. I had a super great time and learned a lot... and immediately ran home and made some by myself... and by immediately, I mean about a week later because .. work. It went pretty well! Except, I threw sugar all over the inside of my bowl while making the Italian meringue
Italian Meringue with sugar splattered everywher
Ooops... that was..unexpected
but they piped out nice and pretty
Piped macarons
I piped a lot.. a lot of macarons
and they tried to bake off two trays at a time..  not recommended.
Macaron volcano
I ended up with some volcanos
But some of them came out pretty great! So, now here we are, obsessed with making these fiddly little things. I've made quite a few batches and played around with ratios and methods (there are three different ways to make these) and for as much as I enjoyed the Italian method, I've decided that the French method is the way to go for me at least for now. I mean, it would be super fun to flavor the sugar syrup, which, I actually did when I make coffee macarons. However, they came out hollow af. When I tried the French Method, they came out much better.. but maybe it wasn't the method.. maybe it was just practice. I also did some math and reworked the ratios to an amount that I liked.. it's not really my recipe.. it's really this one. with different amounts. I also made some KILLER Lemon macarons that I will post in a separate post becuase I posted the pics on Imgur and got all kinds of requests for the recipe.

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