Why do I even have this thing, truly

I recently got an email from GreenGeeks about how I could upgrade my hosting from their "Legacy" hosting to the new "Pro" hosting for only $5.00. Of course, I would have to pay the upgraded price upon renewal but it wasn't that much more than what I was already paying.

So I bit and they immediately upgraded me. I'm sure they are trying to get rid of the old holdouts (that's me).

And then I was like... wait.

What even am I paying for? I don't.. blog.... does.. anyone blog?

So I asked... Twitter, of course. The first ever microblog

I got some interesting replies.. like.. no.. blogs are dead. And also, Blogs are Alive and Well..

And then this guy.. who I do not know.. who I don't know how he even found my tweet because Twitter is like shouting into the largest Frat Party ever, said

Like.. lightbulb moment.

So basically, I said, fuck it. I'm paying for this.. I might as well write on it.

I mean, I have Instagram and Twitter and a Facebook page and mostly I post to Insta.. it's quick and dirty and gives me the dopamine hit of rapid likes and replies.

But are they as satisfying as writing out my thoughts long form? I'm not into super long captions on Insta... I mean .. who needs that? Also, I would like to stop calling it Insta but I can't seem to help myself.

It's like that time I said "totes" out loud and then IMMEDIATELY followed it with "sorry I said totes... twice."

I had previously decided (erroneously and incorrectly) that I was resistant to blogging because I didn't like my theme. I honestly would fight with any design just to get it to load up nice and pretty.. so I picked up Avada.. which is a nifty website builder... and I spent probably ... 2 hours trying to figure it out.

See, this blog is .. old... like.. OLD. Like.. I dunno 10 years old? (heh.. I looked.. first post was July 2005... the photos were linked to Flickr omg and the images and links are all broken) so I think trying to overlay a prebuilt template is a bad idea. Also the documentation says not to do it because it will import a bunch of stuff. Like I need THAT kind of aggravation.

I'm not into flashy design.. I'm not an influencer. I'm a 49 year old broad who likes to cook and bake and make music. I'm not selling anything. Avada does look like its going to solve my "why the hell is that photo sitting THERE and why is that margin so damn big?"

I almost have it figured out but we are defaulting back to this ugly theme in the meantime otherwise I would not be writing at all.

One of the other things that stopped me was .. photos.. downloading photos from the cloud (or... haha omg.. plugging your phone into your laptop... anyone remember doing that?) and then uploading them to WordPress was a hassle. But see.. WordPress has implemented one of my greatest wishes ...a Google Photo Hookup...

Look.. I can just .. plop some photos here without... even trying

Like this is a random photo of a dude who pissed me off because evidently he thought EVERYONE should hear his terrible loud music.

I could hear him with my windows closed so I opened the window just to hear how loud it actually was.. it was.. very loud.

People work from home now you jerk.

(I have the day off but the point is it was very annoying or maybe I just don't like Blink 182)

In truth, it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to crop that but.. pretend I'm still cool.. ok?

I also am inherently lazy. Dashing off a quick post on The Socials is so simple.. I don't need anything but my phone.

I'm trying to overcome my "sit on the couch and play Merge Dragons for Hours" tendencies... and I have the nice light Chromebook and NO REASON not to just.. maybe write something once in a while? Is anyone going to read this? Probably not. But no one read my High School Poetry either and that shit was LIT. (it was not)

You know what finally kicked me into gear? Um.. reading a blog post by someone else.. THEY DO EXIST.

Well, I mean it's a published author who happens to have a blog on her website.. good lord if you haven't read this delicious.. er... maybe that's not the best word given the content.. how about delightful and amusing story from Everywhereist, you should .. like.. now.. go... there's nothing here on this blog other than the random stuff that my brain vomits up when I'm on a roll.

Other fun stuff I found this week:

Also, this quirky yet enjoyable "Official" video of one of George Harrison's best songs in my opinion

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