You are entitled to very few things in life.
Don't shit on other humans because you are inconvenienced by a choice they made in how they chose to share their talents with you.

I mean it.

The actual needs of a human are kinda small

For example:

  • Fresh Air
  • Clean Water
  • Quality Food
  • A living wage
  • Adequate shelter
  • Grace
  • Equity
  • Agency
  • Respect

As a human, I mean you should have at least this stuff (even if you aren't actually getting them but that's a whole 'nother conversation). I'm sure there are more.. but like.. the list of stuff you are not entitled to is much longer.

You know what you are not entitled to?

Someone else's stuff.

I'm not even talking about like that time you swiped one of those Coconut Neapolitan candy squares from the Brach Pix-a-Mix display at the grocery store.. I mean that is .. of course . .. wrong.

Of course.

I'm talking about feeling entitled to the time, effort, and energy of others who are not required by law to take care of you.

I'm talking about. ...

Free internet stuff.

And if it's free, then dammit it should absolutely be readily available and easy to use right?

Also, since it was OBVIOUSLY put there for you to use, then you can yell and scream and holler and berate and flat out be a horrible disrespectful troll if you don't get what you want, when you want it, the way you want it.


Sorry.. excuse me.. what I meant to say was


There are humans on the other side of your screen.

Actual Humans who have actual feelings

We have, as a culture, come to think of the stuff that is on the internet as free. It's all "free on the internet". I've been guilty of it myself.. and now as I'm older (cough) and wiser (cough cough choke) I pause before I "adapt" a recipe or "quote" someone or snag an image without giving credit or checking the usage license.

Nothing on the internet is ACTUALLY free. I mean, this blog I'm typing on..I'm paying for hosting. It's not magically writing itself or there were would be more content and they don't call it "spending time" for nothing haha give me a break I got three hours of sleep last night because insomnia is a MF and I'm resisting the urge to nap because that will guarantee I will be awake again all night.... where was I?


Don't shit on those humans because you are inconvenienced by a choice they made in how they chose to share their talents with you.

Listen, my internet presence is really well curated. I am not shy with the block or mute buttons. I don't post a lot of contentious things so my experience with actual entitled assholes is limited to meatspace. And people in meatspace are (or at least used to be?) less likely to mouth off about trivial inconveniences than those hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.

And really no one is reading this blog.. except.. you.. hey thanks for being here!

You know who does put out regular, quality content? Elizabeth from Gluten Free Baking and Cook Fast Eat Well. Elizabeth an all around good human and a delightful person, a published cookbook author and a culinary school grad.. and I get silly excited when she shares something new and fun.. I'm not a gluten free eater because I don't have to be. But I love her recipe for World's Easiest Cookies (I should make those again) and recently she cranked out this recipe for Candied Jalapeno Spread that I'm like WHAT I need that.

Anyway recently on her Facebook page she shared... this:

I think it's the "Merry Christmas" that really just fucks with my head.

Another classic case of entitlement...

Also, I was kinda pissed at the comments people made... some.. agreed with this sentiment instead of recognizing that the words were uncalled for.. Some said just to ignore it but as a person who was bullied for most of her childhood, that sticks and stones thing? Bullshit. Words hurt. Words matter.

Look.. I don't care if you like the recipe at the top or the recipe at the bottom..

I don't care if you have to put on your glasses, for crying out loud what an inconvenience for you to, oh no, take responsibility for yourself.

I don't care if you are in the grocery store, in your living room, in the damn bathroom or on the moon.

You are not the boss. You are not entitled to have things your own way. You are responsible for your words and your actions.

Don't be a dick to someone who is giving you something.

If someone handed you a cookie, wrapped in foil, would you say "I can't tell what kind of cookie this is! You covered it in foil?! Asshole! What were you thinking!? "

Or if someone handed you a cookie wrapped in plastic would you say "dammit I hate plastic! How dare you use it!?"

I sure as hell hope not. I hope you say "wow! a cookie! Thank you!"

and if you are pissed about the plastic or not sure what kind of cookie is hiding under the foil, you keep those thoughts to yourself.. or you SHOULD.

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