Doing it for the dopamine

Lately, I've found myself just scrolling scrolling scrolling through Twitter or Instagram just looking for that sweet confirmation of my own perceptions or beliefs.. or looking for the next comment or the next like on something ridiculously banal that I've posted.

I have my phone in my hand while I'm "watching" TV and by watching I mean the TV is on and I'm not paying attention to it.


I don't know to be honest, but ironically someone posted on Twitter about taking a 30 day break from.. Twitter. It's the Analog January Challenge.

So, yeah, I'm doing that.. but I'm also logged out of Facebook and Instagram.

I realized that I still like sharing what I'm working on and what I'm doing but I'm doing it for likes and that's so gross.

So.. hey.. I just blew the dust off this blog, so here is where I'm sharing stuff. Any post will automatically share to the socials but I won't go looking for likes or comments or whatever.

Comment or don't .. it doesn't matter. I want to be more mindful of how I'm sharing things instead of just dashing off a pic. that's it for now. I baked some amazing beet bread this morning.. so that's coming soon.. ish.

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