I have made a mess while trying to fix a mess

This blog has been around for a darn long time.

A very long time.

It's a hot mess in the background no lie.

So I decided to renovate it a bit.

I was super excited to see that my webhost Green Geeks added a WordPress manager to the Cpanel which means that I could easily use a staging site and then push it live rather than make all the changes live.

I didn't think anyone read this thing.. that I was shouting into the void so I took it down about three months ago to try and update it. .. and I got a message asking if it was coming back up because someone wanted to make one of my recipes (it was for my knock off of the Zuchhi Wrap from Galaxy's Edge. )

I was absolutely shocked.

So I immediately republished it but it was . ..ugly.

When I realized that I could do a staging site and then build everything in the background I was super excited.

I used PageLayer to build the site and got it the way I wanted it over two weeks or so.. and shoved it to the live site!



I forgot to change the dumb text on the contact page.. ok.. fixed that.

Oh and the link text wasn't colored so you didn't realize there was a link there at all.. so I fixed that..

and for some dumb reason, the recent posts that are supposed to be showing on the home page .. are not...

I don't know how to fix that other than I think that there is some old code hanging out that borked it.

I don't care.. I'll give it a week to see if it populates or not..

The next thing is going to be to rewrite all the broken recipes.. .. eventually . I have three different recipe plugins and one is no longer supported.. and while I worked to get those recipes into a new plugin, that new plugin became unsupported so now I have some recipes that are.... gone.. and others that need to get recoded.

But we will get there. I'm also hoping that this shows up on the home page and fixed the "no posts found" nonsense.

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