CSAs are great… They just aren’t for us

I am a big supporter of farms. I mean.. we need them for .. food. I also like to support local farms. Community Supported Agriculture is a great thing for this. You basically prepay in the beginning of the season and then you get share of the crops every week (or on a schedule depending on your farm)

One of the things that kept me from doing a CSA before was having to go pick up the box.. I know that makes me the epitome of lazy but there it is. When the pandemic hit in 2020, I heard that Fox Creek Farms was delivering shares every week.

Well, I was sold. So I signed up.

We've been proud members of the Fox Creek Farm Share for three years now and the value is solid, even with the increases due to fuel and other costs with everything going up. I had no objection to even voluntarily paying an additional cost to help offset this. The vegetables were so fresh and so delicious! Beets! Spinach! Chard!


Even at a half share, I was throwing away food.

an absolute unit of green cabbage weighing 4 pounds

I know.. I know .... I went on a giant rant recently about food waste but two adults can only eat so many zucchini and potatoes. It's wasted on us. We cannot get through it. Even with all of my preservation skills

Currently I have a freezer full of shredded zucchini, jars of dehydrated carrots, a bin of onions and potatoes, dehydrated zucchini chips, powdered cucumbers, and an absolute unit of a cabbage to contend with right now. Everyone is getting sauerkraut for Christmas. (I actually, literally am still eating beet kraut from last year.) And the lettuce? delicious.. but so many salads.. so, so many salads.

To compound the issue, we had a bit of a medical crisis last month and currently fibrous veggies are on the "I'm the only person eating them" list. By the way, this means I also left my beloved Bean Club as I have probably 30 lbs of beans in my basement at the moment and beans are also on the "I'm the only person eating them" list.


So, I will be sending an email to the lovely people at Fox Creek Farm so they know that I'm breaking up with them... but not because of the fee increase and not because they are going back to pick up locations.. but because I'm still trying to eat the carrots from 2021.

That doesn't mean that you shouldn't join them though! Are you a household of voracious veggie eaters? Then you should sign up. Pickups are throughout the Capital Region of New York. Discounted prices start October 17th for early sign up

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