You are probably wondering what the whole Pirate theme thing is about, right? I mean... pirates.. bad.. yes. I mean I get it.. Consider this more of a romanticized version of Pirate stuff. I took the handle "Pirate Jeni" when trying to find something that was all encompassing.

It's really sort of an homage to a few things. Quite a few years ago, a friend introduced me to The Watchmen. No, not the movie. The movie was fine. I'm talking about the graphic novel by Alan Moore. It blew my doors off.. but what got me the most was the subplot. The Black Freighter. which lead me down an internet Rabbit Hole to the Nina Simone song "Pirate Jenny" which turns out is from Three Penny Opera. Basically, I'm a bit nerdy with a love for music and art. So.. there you have it.. Pirate Jeni