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Convenience food is not a crime

Oh, January… the time when a good chunk of humans decide to do a complete 180 on how they are living for about 30 days and then resign themselves to being their old selves for another year. Personally, I don’t do resolutions. There is nothing wrong with me and honestly if I wanted to put […]

After a few attempts, finally… beet bread

I know beets are one of those veggies that folks either love or hate. I happen to really enjoy beets, which is good since I got a bazillion of them in my farm share. I’ve got a fair number of sweet and spicy pickled beets to work through, and some beet cabbage kraut, and kvass […]

From a Galaxy Far, Far… ok not that far

It’s no secret that love a good sandwich.. and also love Star Wars… I mean..I can’t quote anything other than the lines that most of the Galaxy knows but I’m totally into the vibe. When Disney pulled back the curtain on Galaxy’s Edge, we were there for the Annual Passholder Preview. It was amazing… and […]

Doritos and Mountain Dew Macarons

That’s right, I said it.  Doritos and Mountain Dew Macarons.. I made them..  twice. I mean, I’ve seen Doritos Macarons before but I wanted to up the nerd factor (or.. stoner factor?) and add in a Mountain Dew filling. I have a serious fondness for this combination.  Always have… in fact,  my going away gift […]