Doritos and Mountain Dew Macarons

Doritos and Mountain Dew Macarons

That’s right, I said it.  Doritos and Mountain Dew Macarons.. I made them..  twice. I mean, I’ve seen Doritos Macarons before but I wanted to up the nerd factor (or.. stoner factor?) and add in a Mountain Dew filling. I have a serious fondness for this combination.  Always have… in fact,  my going away gift […]

Filled macarons with Meyer Lemon Curd

Meyer Lemon Poppy Seed Macarons

I told you, I’m super into making macarons lately. These I made a month or so ago.  I took the basic recipe from Laduree that was posted by Not So Humble Pie but I scaled it back because that is way too many macarons…  way too many. I added the zest of a Meyer lemon […]

Macarons are my new obsession

Hi there!  Yeah, I disappeared again.. I guess I didn’t have much to talk about… I mean Twitter and Facebook and Instagram have all but killed my blogging buzz…  I’m on there much more than I should be but eh.. whatever. A few months ago, I decided to finally take a class from Albany Cooking […]