The simplicity of vegetables for breakfast

Thanksgiving 2018 is in the books and I feel like I’ve eaten nothing but starch and meat… probably because that is basically what I’ve been eating…  ok, I threw in a few green beans but I’m stuffed with stuffing and overflowing with gravy (my two favorite things about Thanksgiving).  I resisted the urge to make […]

This will happen.. oh my yes

Evidently Pork Cake is a thing… probably a war time thing when eggs, butter and white sugar were rationed. Proof: My mom handed this to me yesterday. It was my Great-Grandmother’s and evidently she got the recipe from someone else (see the name up in the corner?) I need to make this because… pork.. and […]

Sweet Potato Breakfast Mash

When I gave up having bread on a regular basis, I realized that I was giving up one of my greatest pleasures… Dipping toast into a warm salty egg yolk. I almost wept. Then I found Life As a Plate’s recipe for Acorn Squash Breakfast Hash. AndreAnna had the same problem.. she missed the runny […]