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From a Galaxy Far, Far… ok not that far

It’s no secret that love a good sandwich.. and also love Star Wars… I mean..I can’t quote anything other than the lines that most of the Galaxy knows but I’m totally into the vibe. When Disney pulled back the curtain on Galaxy’s Edge, we were there for the Annual Passholder Preview. It was amazing… and […]

The simplicity of vegetables for breakfast

Thanksgiving 2018 is in the books and I feel like I’ve eaten nothing but starch and meat… probably because that is basically what I’ve been eating…  ok, I threw in a few green beans but I’m stuffed with stuffing and overflowing with gravy (my two favorite things about Thanksgiving).  I resisted the urge to make […]

The Lingering Bean

Hi! It’s been a while, eh? I do this, I think you know by now.. I write for a while and then vanish.. and then write again. It’s just who I am and I’ve learned to accept it. Trying to force a blog schedule just doesn’t work. So I don’t. So! What’s new… I played […]

This will happen.. oh my yes

Evidently Pork Cake is a thing… probably a war time thing when eggs, butter and white sugar were rationed. Proof: My mom handed this to me yesterday. It was my Great-Grandmother’s and evidently she got the recipe from someone else (see the name up in the corner?) I need to make this because… pork.. and […]

Sweet Potato Breakfast Mash

When I gave up having bread on a regular basis, I realized that I was giving up one of my greatest pleasures… Dipping toast into a warm salty egg yolk. I almost wept. Then I found Life As a Plate’s recipe for Acorn Squash Breakfast Hash. AndreAnna had the same problem.. she missed the runny […]