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From a Galaxy Far, Far… ok not that far
By Jeni B | | 1 Comments |
It's no secret that love a good sandwich.. and also
Doritos and Mountain Dew Macarons
By Jeni B | | 0 Comments |
That's right, I said it.  Doritos and Mountain Dew Macarons..
Inside Out Carrot Cake Cookies
By Jeni B | | 0 Comments |
So, here it is.   The Inside Out Carrot Cake Cookie Recipe for your next pot luck or emotional eating party.
Moroccan Spiced Beef
By Jeni B | | 3 Comments |
Look.. I know it's been ages since I posted something.
Puddles: The Reckoning
By Jeni B | | 7 Comments |
reck·on·ing  ˈrek(ə)niNG/  : archaic -a bill or account, or its
Pumpkin Bread Bites
By Pirate Jeni | | 1 Comments |
A few weeks ago, I made a batch of pumpkin