Fully entrenched in the Googles

Hi Friends! Been a while, eh?  Here is a fun fact. I hated writing this blog…. but not because I didn’t have things to say… I did.. but I couldn’t say them…kind of. My laptop was the problem. I bought it new in 2015 and it was slow then.. and since 2015, there have been […]

We are all in this together

  Currently, I’m taking a month away from Social Media. If you found this story because of a tweet or a Facebook post, it’s through the magic of WordPress’s “Publicize” feature. I had been contemplating taking a break for a few reasons but the one that pushed it over for me was the “Me Too” […]

Sometimes I’m really dumb about plants

Recently, LB and I were in Lowes looking for a houseplant and stumbled upon this really cool looking cactus.  It was purple and at first, I was like “is this fake”? and then I thought about the cactus I had at home with a purple flower on top and I thought, well… maybe they hybridized […]

Standing in the Middle

The internet is a hotbed right now. Everyone is angry.  I was angry last week.  The week before I was in denial.. and before that.. grieving for what I thought America was Now I know what America is. Hurting. We are hurting. All of us.  Honestly, we’ve not been One Nation, Indivisible for a long […]

Shouting into the Crowd

Things have been a bit … different here in the United States and they’ve been kinda tense for a while. I’m not going to get into politics. I’m going to get into headlines. We have become a Nation of snippets. I got a real eye opener the other day. I don’t talk about it much […]