Pirate Jeni

Kitchen Witch, Singer of Songs, Player of Things with Strings

Pirate Jeni

Welcome to my little corner of the internet…

If you want to skip all the of the “hi, how are you, this is me” nonsense that I hate writing, why don’t you just hop over to the most recent blog posts?

Oh, you’re still here….

Ok, so prepare for awkwardness going forward.

Hi, I’m Jeni and I’ve been blogging on this thing since forever…  every once in a while, I go back and read my old posts and I laugh and laugh and laugh..

Please witness my 1990’s hair.  Getting ready to go on stage with my High School Choral Group

It’s fascinating really, how my interests change over time.  But I seem to have settled on a few things that are constant.

Music, which has been part of my life forever. I’ve been plinking along on a Mountain Dulcimer since I was in my teens, and I recently got hooked on the ukulele. Four strings is pretty much all I can manage, so I roll with it.  But mostly, I’m a singer.  I really only got into instruments so I could accompany myself.   I totally think walking around your house and singing made up songs counts as being a “singer” so let’s just agree to that definition, okay? Good.

Cooking, I love it.  For real.  I’m also into that crazy fermentation thing that all the cool kids are doing.  I  brew my own beer and cider and make cheese, kombucha and kefir and I’m too old to be a hipster so stop thinking that.

I got all fancy with the pork chops here, though. Sometimes it’s fun.

I didn’t use to be a good cook.  I took some classes at SCCC where I learned some really great knife skills, but I don’t usually get fancy. I usually just throw some stuff together and call it good.  I enjoy reading cookbooks but I wish they would keep the home cook in mind.   I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve eliminated unnecessary steps from a published recipe and the food is still delicious. It’s a pet peeve of mine. It’s just food. Stop making it hard.

Look at that.. you made it all the way to the bottom of my ramblings.

Good job, you. Thanks for reading!  So…  ready for those blog posts now?  I thought so.