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We are all in this together

  Currently, I’m taking a month away from Social Media. If you found this story because of a tweet or a Facebook post, it’s through the magic of WordPress’s “Publicize” feature. I had been contemplating taking a break for a few reasons but the one that pushed it over for me was the “Me Too” […]

Brew U a the CIA

On Saturday, I spent a good chunk of time at the Culinary Institute of America at their Brew U Beer and Food Festival and I was in a bit of a brain fog all day Sunday but it was worth it… I’ve been to the CIA for a day workshop but this was the first […]

Cinnamon Apple Twist Bread

Did you know that King Arthur Flour does a Bake Along every month? Me either! I stumbled upon it on Instagram and I was like well, I know I have to fit back into my shorts for December (headed to Florida for week) but dammit.. I wanted to make this Cinnamon Apple Twist Bread. You […]

I am unfamiliar with this method of cake making

When I make a cake, I usually do the “cream butter and sugar, add eggs, add dry ingredients and bake” I am unfamiliar with this “dump everything in and beat the hell out of it” method. I honestly am befuddled.  What if I over mix it? What if the butter doesn’t integrate? (which is what […]

Sometimes I’m really dumb about plants

Recently, LB and I were in Lowes looking for a houseplant and stumbled upon this really cool looking cactus.  It was purple and at first, I was like “is this fake”? and then I thought about the cactus I had at home with a purple flower on top and I thought, well… maybe they hybridized […]

After all this time – a new Stu Fuch’s album

You guys.. I’m so excited!  You remember way back when I met Stu Fuchs at Old Songs and had a transcendental experience?  You don’t?   Ok.. let me  refresh your memory.  Did you go read that?  Ok, good..  You didn’t?  Fine.. be like that.  Here.. have the video. He’s the guy on the didgeridoo that […]