School Daze
I've been suspiciously absent from this blog because classes have started again.. right in the midst of a national mortgage nightmare.. oh my gawd have I been tearing my hair out. Fortunatley, it looks like this class is going to be good. It's Programming and Logic. The class I failed in the spring because the Prof disappeared 1/2 way through.. it was an online course. So this semester, I'm sucking it up and hitting the campus. Instead of C programming language, we are learning Java instead (makes more sense to me.. who uses C anymore? C++ sure.. C# absolutely,.. but C? Ah the Joys of a community college) So I"m excited. Anything that remotely reminds me of coffee makes me happy.. I'm a bit of a caffiene hound.. pretty soon I'll be "qualified" to get ThinkGeek Caffeine ! Anyway... I've been not here, because I've had my nose in a book and I've been installing SMF and Gallery for a forum group. My partner in crime has been away at camp... and I was silly enough to push for a roll out too soon! So I've been busy helping folks get used to the new system. I hope to be around more..

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  1. Hi! My mom put together a book of dog treat recipes for Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue. There are 102 recipes, some for baked, frozen and microwave treats. There is even a section for special diets and substituting ingredietns for dogs with food allergies like me!

    I like your new blog, hopefully now that this recipe book is done I will have more time for blogging!


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